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SPA multifunctional shower heads

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SPA multifunctional shower heads

SPA multifunctional shower is a new healthy & cosmetic product, she is able to create a

delightful sense of natural beauty, to achieve physical and mental stretch, clean, relaxed

state, which brings good health and smooth skin.
So far, only a few people can benefit from SPA water treatment.However, Zibo Bona-Tech’s

negative ions SPA shower can make such a possibility into reality, because she has:
1) Negative ions Spa function
Tourmaline ceramic balls in the handle can release negative ions which was considered as the

"longevity element", after being inhaled by the body, it can have a very good conditioning

of the excited state of nerve center, improving the ventilation of lung, promoting

metabolism, At the same time fully activating and softening water and antibacterium.
2) Germanium cosmetic & healthcare function
Germanium bath ceramic ball in the handle can effectively remove the chlorine in tap water

when bathing, so that the water has functions of antibacterium, shrinking pores in the skin,

moisturizing and whitening skin to prevent skin aging.
3) Water saving feature
Shower head has 128 tiny cone-shaped water holes with a diameter of 0.35 mm, the back-end

hole diameter is five times of front ones, through the "adjustable closure" principle and

special structure of shower head to reach water-saving effect, generally speaking,it can

save 30% - 35% of water.

There are three types of SPA multifunctional shower heads at present,which are Beauty-care

type, Anti-allergic type and Bath and Spa type.Bring Bona-Tech negative ion SPA shower heads

into home, you can enjoy SPA care at any time.


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