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chlorine remove ceramic ball

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  Dechlorination ceramic bal /Chlorine remove ceramic ball


Color: White

Specification: Diameter 3-25mm



Aiming at the residual chlorine in tap water, BoNa-Tech company developed a new product to remove residual chlorine -- Dechlorination ceramic ball and column(Residual chlorine removal ceramic ball or column), the product is white ceramic ball or column and widely used for a variety of water purifiers,water dispenser, water treatment equipment, and so on.The effect of dechlorination is obviously and welcomed by customers. It’s mainly used to remove the residual chlorine in water, including the compound of chlorine and free residual chlorine, such as ClO-(hypochlorite ion), HOCl (hypochlorite), Cl2 (chlorine),etc. Compared to traditional activated carbon to remove residual chlorine, dechlorination ceramic ball or column is efficient, safe, resistant high temperature,breeding bacteria and other advantages,and compared to KDF copper-zinc alloy,the cost of producing dechlorination ball or column is lower, and its efficiency can reach above 97.5%. Now it is widely used for high-class water treatment system in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia,Australia,Southeast Asian and other countries and regions.

Attention: Should wash with clean water for two times before treating water.

Application: For various types of water purifier, drinking water dispenser and water supply system and equipments, agriculture and industry, etc.







   1. Can we drink Ro water directly?

Of course, No! RO water is not so good to our body, Our body need alkaline water , but Ro water PH only around 5.5-6.5. And research certify our body need around PH 7.5-8.5. Which can anti-disease, and Cancer!!! Second, RO water no minerals, our body need Ca, Zn, Se ect . So we need alklaine and mineral water. which can supply by ceramic ball

2.How to use Ceramic balls?

First, for RO system , we need to load an 10inch or 12 inch filter(You can see our web) load our cermaic balls, which mostly suggest load Alkaline ceramic ball, ORP ceramic ball, And Ca ion ceramic ball, Far infared ceramic ball. after RO system, which can change the RO water rich for minerals and Alkaline water.

Second, For tap water , Most tap water rich in Chloride and smell, impurities. So for Tap water, we suggest load one filter load Dechloride cermaic ball .Carbon .Enough

3.Is ceramic ball Safe or not?

Aiheng's Ceramic ball all made by nature ores, and the raw material before used in produce, we need to do around 3 times test by around 3 test institution, Which to be sure the material no heavy metal, no toxic than we can use it . And during the procceed , Our balls mostly through around 1200 tempeture and heating in stove for 24 hours.

Company Information

ZIBO AIHENG INDUSTRY IS SPECIAL for BIo ceramic ball manufacture and research, Our main products are ceramic balls for purity drinking water, and now our products are well sold is USA, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Germany, Poland, ect



Product name Functions
ORP ceramic ball Can adjust the water ORP to -550mv,and increase the PH, increase the Mineral to water, antibaterial, small cluster water
Alkaline ceramic ball Adjust water PH from 6.5-8.5, increase mineral substance to water
Dechloride ceramic ball Except Chloride in tap water
Nano Silver anti bateria ceramic ball Kill baterial in water
Far infared ceramic ball Small cluster water
Magenium ball adjust ORP, PH
Ca ion ceramic ball made from coral powder, rich in mineral


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