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Magnetic energy ceramic ball

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  Magnetic energy ceramic ball

Type: AHS-CX

Color: Black

Specification: Diameter 1-15mm



Magnetic energy ceramic ball is made of natural magnetic mineral materials and other functional materials through high temprature sintering, which uniforms with a permanent magnetic particulate materials.It has a moderate magnetic field strength, broader magnetic field,high eradiating arc of magnetic line of force,etc.


When water flows through magnetic energy ball, the physical and chemical properties of water will change because of electromagnetic induction in the magnetic field, then th water changes to magnetized water with biological effects.

Atomic structure of magnetized water molecules changes also,the three atoms in water molecuke are not in a straight line. Determined by X-ray diffraction method,the structure of water degree angle of each 2 O-H chemical bond is 104.5. In the water,Oxygen atoms has a greater capacity to attract the electron than hydrogen atoms, one end of oxygen atoms in water molecules has negative charge, the other end of the two hydrogen atoms have positive charge.There indeed has many many changes at the micro physical and chemical characteristics, therefore specific effects created.

At the water magnetization process, the order of the water molecules gradually changes, and breakdown the hydrogen bonds of water molecules,so that the association of water molecules change to single scattered molecules and chemical bond tobe short ones which promotes its infiltration and dissolution ability,such water molecule can be easy to penetrate the human body and magnetization water may activate certain enzyme activity and has effective function in promoting the metabolism of nutrients.

Attention: Should wash with clean water for two times before treating water.

Application: For various types of water purifier, drinking water dispenser and water supply system and equipments, agriculture and industry, etc.


Specifications and functions of ceramic ball can be customized.


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